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We have decades of experience in digitalisation of businesses

Additional experience in multiple business sectors

Motivated and solution-oriented Swiss-based team

Strong same time zone partner with 

proven track record working with many of the world’s leading companies

Solid skills base across multiple disciplines

Preferential access to University level cutting edge development

Engagement model tailored to your specific needs project by project


  Based in Baden, with a global horizon  


Let us help you find the light at the end of the digital tunnel  


Paul Young, CEO


A digital leader with a strong track record of delivering results in large multi-nationals. A firm believer in people and their capabilities and the ability to get things done by helping people work with facts and data and to cut through the noise.

Email: paul.young@geminise.com

Phone: +41 79 238 30 52 


Reto Kaderli, CTO


Dedicated to software development. Fascinated by the combination of software and industrial processes, the related control, protection and operation systems. Monitoring, diagnostic with digital twins as a particular passion.

Email: reto.kaderli@geminise.com

Phone: +41 78 889 99 44