The business environment

Current business challenges

Your business may be facing the following challenges:

  • New and disruptive competitors
  • Pressure on margins
  • Overloaded resources
  • New market opportunities missed

Digitalisation can help to address all of the above

Challenges to adopting digitalisation

Your problems when wanting to digitalise might include:

  • Not enough digital engineers available
  • Gaps in the required skills
  • Insufficient management time to drive the detail
  • Not knowing where to start
  • High digitalisation costs

Our tailored offering will support your specific needs

Geminise areas of competence


Consult on digitalisation

  • Why to digitalise
  • Where to digitalise
  • How to digitalise

Digital engineering

  • Architecting
  • Digital systems design
  • Digital products engineering
  • System integration 

Digital skills provider

  • Software engineering
  • Electronics engineering
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering

Your use cases

You need an experienced solution architect managing your software project together with your people?

You have disparate engineering tool set and want to optimise it?

Need new electronics for measurement system where you don't have the skills?

Like to get some more engineers to cover peak load and get the product done as fast as possible?

You are a digital startup and need a partner to support early growth?

You want to digitalise and you don't know where to start?

You need a bespoke mobile app to make your business process more productive?

Whether you are already on the digital journey or need help in starting out - we're the partner for you

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Your engagement options

Our flexibility to meet your needs




Depending on engagement model and competencies required 

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