Assets oversight with IoT

Problem Statement

You have products delivered to many customers but have little or no oversight as to how those assets are really performing in the field

  • You are missing valuable input to your design process for new products
  • You are missing out on valuable service business 
  • You are disconnected from your customer when they have issues with your products 

Our Solution

Pilot consisting of oversight of 5-10 assets

  • Specify key parameters to monitor
  • Selection of customer to run pilot with
  • Design of system (for example : local data acquisition and local storage, secure data transfer, cloud based data lake, analytics on returned data, GUIs for you and for your customer)
  • Implementation of the above with integration of existing systems and architecture as appropriate
  • Support on how to expand coverage and value capture

Digital Thread in engineering process

Problem Statement

You have an engineering process relying on many different tools that are not connected to each other

  • You lose time and productivity due to manual data entry/transfer
  • You have lower quality results due to transcription errors
  • You have lower quality work due to variability in the process (different people use toolset in different ways) 

Our Solution

Digital Thread to increase automation

  • Understand the process and the value added within that process
  • Remove any un-needed steps
  • Scripts to automate data exchange
  • Identify external consumers of the process (customers, suppliers etc.)
  • Automate preparation of interface documents to those external partners
  • Study on replacing existing toolset & scripts with an integrated design system

Mobile app for small business

Problem Statement

You have many customers and a need for them to regularly update you with data

  • They regularly forget to send updates 
  • They find the forms you send them inconvenient to work with
  • You spend too much time manually inputting the results to your systems 

Our Solution

Design of mobile app to ease the data collection

  • Understand data to be collected
  • Design of app and input screen
  • Coding of app; deployment testing
  • Android, Apple, Windows with same app core
  • Integration to your existing systems to automate data input
  • Random test mask to allow sampled cross-check of data correctness

Consult on digitalisation

Problem Statement

Your business faces challenges and you’re not sure how digitalisation might be able to help


  • You’re always running to stand still and you’d like to explore whether digitalisation could help free up people for more value-added work
  • You feel that you’re often missing business opportunities and would like to explore how digitalisation could help you to capture them

Our Solution

½ day visit on your premises to get an overview of your business and your challenges and to prepare a potential Phase 1 plan - no charge and no obligation

Phase 1

2-5 workshops on your premises of either ½ day or 1 day duration to deep dive on value chain, pain points and where digitalisation could help

Phase 2

10-50 hours work by Geminise off-site to design proposed digital solution architecture

Subsequent offer to implement

Digital start-up accelerator

Problem Statement

As a new company you have skills and a product offering but not scale

  • Can’t afford to hire more resources before you get more large contracts but you can’t commit to such large contracts before having the resource?
  • You have a prototype offering and need to support early deployments to customers to test the market before committing to hiring resources?

Our Solution

A frame agreement for supply of highly skilled resource to work under your guidance to execute your projects and fulfil your customer needs

No risk – guarantees resource availability when needed with zero cost to reserve them available

Able to train and transfer knowledge as you build up your own team

The frame agreement sets and guarantees the rate consistent to support your sales approach; it sets key terms, response times and availability to allow you to commit to your customer with confidence

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